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The ‘to do’ pages on Museum Crush are powered by Culture24’s DDE database of thousands of arts and heritage venues and events.

If you’re already a member of our network you can upload your events and exhibitions to the database as normal, and they will display on Museum Crush automatically.
Your venue page will also feature on Museum Crush if you are open to the public to visit as a visual arts/heritage destination, such as a museum, gallery or heritage site.

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How to get your organisation added to Museum Crush

If your museum, gallery or heritage site is not featured on the Museum Crush website you can request to add it by filling in this form.
If you are suitable, we will add your page to Museum Crush and set you up with an account so that you can look after your venue page and upload your events and exhibitions.
To be eligible to be added, you must be based in the UK, operate on a not-for-profit basis, and be open regularly for the public to visit.

How to get your events added to Museum Crush

If you fit the criteria above but are not open to the public, and you run suitable visual art/heritage events that the public can come along to, we can create an account for you to add your events and exhibitions to Museum Crush, but you will not have a ‘venue page’. Fill in this form.

Don’t have a user account but need access to the database to update your venue page or your listings?
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Where do my listings show?

Information you add to the DDE database is published on Culture24’s platforms:

Museum Crush – All UK events, and arts and heritage venues open to the public.

Show Me – All eligible events and organisations.


And a variety of partner sites, including:

Art UK – All eligible events and organisations (more info)

Age of Revolution – Any events covering the Age of Revolution 1775 – 1848


You can find more information, FAQs and Ts & Cs here: