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The fanzines that celebrate DIY politics, art and rock’n’roll 1

a photo of a fanzine cover with an eye and the words girly on it

Girly. Issue No 14. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

Hankering after the days of photocopied punk rock zines? Here’s ten from the Bishopsgate Institute to get you cutting, pasting and photocopying

Bishopsgate Institute’s Special Collections and Archives are home to two large collections of wonderful illustrated zines.

The first was deposited as part of the Pollard Music Collection in 2016. Alongside copies of The Osmonds Fan Club magazine and the Melody Maker, was an extensive selection of over 100 Punk and New Wave fanzines, documenting the music and political scene in the UK from 1977 to 1980.

This included many famous titles, such as Sniffin’ Glue and Temporary Hoarding, but many more lesser known titles too, such as Modern Drugs, No Cure and The Beat Goes On.

a photo of a zine cover with three young guys posing on the front of a double decker bus

The Jam get on the bus for No Cure. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

A zine with a cover of two figures on it

You’re Not My Dad! Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

a zine cover with a girl band on the cover

Different Times zine focuses on Drag, Life and Rock’n’Roll. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

a zine cover with just words printed on it

When The White Man Gives You Money. A zine by Nia King. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

Another fantastic collection of predominantly LGBTQ+ zines was donated to the Special Collections and Archives in 2015 by Dr Charlotte Cooper and includes her own zine work but also many others gathered and collected over many years.

All of the zines are open and available for consultation at the Bishopsgate Institute from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5.30pm, and no appointment or ID is necessary. The Institute is always looking to add to the Zine Collections, so do let us know if you have material you would like to deposit at: library@bishopsgate.org.uk.

a zine cover in pink with a drummer

The Beat Goes On with Faye Fife of the Rezillos. All for just 20p. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

a fanzine with some tower blocks on its cover

Working Class Queers. Issue #1. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

a zine with two cartoon creatures on the cover

Nubbin & Nutz. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

a colur zine cover with band names on it and a price of 20p.

Xpert I featuring the Lurkers, The Police and The Members. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

a zine cover with a photocopied picture of a woman with a microphone

I Trust My Guitar. Courtesy Bishopsgate Institute

As part of Art Night on July 1 2017, Bishopsgate Institute will be looking at London’s radical and rebellious past and inviting you to create your own call to action and turn your personal protest into a self-published piece of angry art work. See the Revolution Will Be Photocopied event page for more. 


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