Watch: This peculiar D-Day tank could float on water

Watch military historian David Fletcher discussing the unusual Swimming Sherman tank, used by the allies during the Normandy landings

The rather odd machine was part of a group of innovative tanks developed by Major-General Sir Percy Hobart. Known as Hobart’s Funnies the tanks had unusual designs, specially made to address the unique challenges of beach-based warfare.

The amphibious DD Sherman was joined by a host of other ‘funnies’ including a flailing mine-clearing tank known as the ‘Crab’; a mortar-loaded tank which fired a 40lb bomb known as the ‘flying dustbin’; a carpet-laying tank which reinforced the beaches for heavy machinery and a tank which acted as a bridge for other vehicles to cross ravines.

This video, and many others exploring the collection can be found on the Tank Museum’s extensive YouTube channel


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